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Kvila Brestenia creative laboratory

Poet, artist, sound engineer, video designer, composer and just me.

Attacks of writing find me spontaneously, suddenly have been turned over by the burlesque of sensations. On this resource, I spread only crumbs of works, but if you want to read more poems – please follow the list of links to find me. I write a lot, I create, I compose. This is a significant part of my life. Creativity is truly air.

Also take a look at my oil paintings at the site: www.quintensiaga.com. Also you can find the music bank at the site of the band Madame Bristenia http://madame.bristenia.com/. And here I place my poetry and novels to get acquaint you with my books, share my impressions and expectations in writing.

In the Hights of the Depths

(Russian Edition) Paperback  – October 18, 2012 by Kvila Bristenia (Author).

The book “In the depths of heights” – a philosophy of the way in “between”, state the attempt to escape from the clutches of the world, cracking the shell of the existence to find the path to Outland. Read more

V dual’nosti edinstva

By Kvila Bristenia
Paperback, 225 Pages, May 10, 2015

UNITY DUAL is the concept introduced by L. Sondi to denote an excessively close, neurotic contact that occurs in some love couples and is based on the regression of the emotional sphere up to the experiences that formed in early childhood. Read more

v dualnosti edinstva

Rezonans na dvoih

By Kvila Bristenia & Derek Tilarids
Paperback, 262 Pages, May 10, 2015

The book “Resonance for Two” is the third book from a collection of nan-post-esoteric transcendental cyber-versles from the poetic trilogy of Kvila Bristenia. The book is written in co-authorship with Derek Tilarids, the author of the story “Blade of Empty Silence” and poems. Read more


The Coordinates of Feelings

In addition to poetic books collection I am working on the surrealistic novel “The Coordinates of Feelings” which is going to be ready soon and will be available also in English. If you would like to be a Publisher of this book please contact me.

If you have a question

I have gathered a couple of questions along with the answers to find out more about my creativity. Feel free to contact me to ask more questions, share your impressions or offers.