The book is published – the 3rd part of the trilogy! (in co-authorship with Derek Tilarids)



  • Paperback: 262 pages
  • Publisher: Altaspera Publishing & Literary Agency Inc.
  • Authors: Kvila Bristenia & Derek Tilarids
  • Language: Russian
  • ISBN: 9781312999121
  • Published: May 10, 2015


The book “Resonance for Two” is the third collection of nanopostasoteric transcendental cyber-versles from the poetic trilogy of Kvila Bristenia. The book is written in co-authorship with Derek Tilarids, the author of the story “Blade of Empty Silence” and poems.
Continuation of travel on trance realities through telescopes of quantities by the layering of metaphysical experiences, starting from the immersion “In the height of depth,” along “In the duality of unity” and losing itself in the resonant interorbital echoes of an ever-playing dream.

The book narrates and heals, going into the details of sensation and splitting it into living organisms and subsystems of surprises, discoveries, re-loading the subconscious with new weightless keys and dangling codes that will be useful in the later novel “Coordinates of the senses.”
Vers libre, experimental trans-poetry, cyberpunk, futurism, metaphysical verses.


I’d like to thank all people who helped me to publish this book, especially to Ruslan.
Here are the people who took part in this project:
Redactor: Anastasia Tumanovska
Designer paintings: Kvila Bristenia
Designer layout: Mik


Pictures in the Book

Video for the Book
"If the freedom is"

Backstage pics for the Book preparation