The book “In the Duality of Unity” was published!



  • ISBN: 9781312999145
  • Author: Kvila Bristeniya
  • Publisher: Altaspera Publishing & Literary Agency Inc.
  • Published: May 10, 2015
  • Language: Russian
  • Pages: 225


“V dualnosty edinstva” is the second collection of nanostructural transcendental cyber-verbiographs from the poetic trilogy of Kvila Bristenia.

UNITY DUAL – is a neurotic contact that occurs in some love couples and is based on the regression of the emotional sphere up to the experiences that formed in early childhood. (Wiki)

If the first book “In the High of the Depth” revealed a journey along the trails of transcendence in the unrequited world of irrealia, the second narrates about a collision with another i-world from the plane of parallel non-resemblance and reveals this interaction, thoroughly imbued with the duality of perception of being and revealing spiral phenomena on the bodies of the worlds in a non-static ambivalence system, studies their influences and immerses in the eternally agonizing dilemma of the duality of unity in the stasis of identity dissociation.

Vers libre, experimental trans-poetry, cyberpunk, futurism, metaphysical verses.


I’d like to thank all people who helped me to publish this book, especially to Ruslan.
Here are the people who took part in this project:
Redactor: Anastasia Tumanovska
Designer paintings: Kvila Bristenia
Designer layout: Mik

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